100 Doors Seasons Part 2 Walkthrough Level 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

100 doors seasons part 2 walkthrough level 51 to 60, this game is the sequel from the part 1 which only contains 50 level so if you ever complete the part 1 this game will be easier. 100 doors seasons part 2 available for android and iphone this part created with better graphic and navigation so you can share this game with other puzzle game lover.

51. slide rope down then pick up key and use to open door.

52. pick up match and gas cylinder, put cylinder in the basket then use match to lit up gas, pick up scissors then use to cut 2 sacks

53. pick up tire and wrench put into the car, pick up sprayer and sponge under the car, then use it to clean car until shining, open the car door pick up key and engine, use key to open front trunk, then put engine
    now use key to start car.

54. pick up metal detector and shovel, use metal detector to find X then dig it using shovel, pick up key and open door.

55. pick up gas tank and insert into mower, then move it forward see the number 5697, insert this number into keypad

56. tap play button then count how many times blades rotating blue = 3, red = 2, yellow = 3, green = 4, insert number 3234 into the keypad.

57. count how many triangle in the pentagon : 35, insert 35 into keypad.

58. pick up bone from the trash, put at the green bowl pick up hook at the roof then use to open hole at the middle green and red bowl, pick up bones from trash then put at the red bowl

59. find the number in the blue, orange and green t shirt 32 29 16, then insert into keypad 322916

60. pick up ball and stick, put ball at the grass then hit using stick see the power at the right screen, insert 3 ball in sequence.

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