100 Doors Aliens Space Walkthrough Level 36 to 45

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This is it update for 100 doors aliens space walkthrough level 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45, this update contains new 10 level, if you just download and try to solve this game we hope you can complete all level, but if you cannot find the way use our walkthrough below so you can continue playing other puzzles in aliens space game.

level 36 : slide robot left then tap push button, pick up key and use to open door.

level 37 : tap top right circle then tap blue hand scanner count how many times left circle rotating, do same with other circle, the answers 4,12,2,3 and touch hand scanner.

level 38 : count the dash from direction  S SE SW W N NE E result : 0,9,10,5,13,7,4 tap this number at red lock pad.

level 39 : slide down top panel above door then tap red button, pick up key and use to open door.

level 40 : tap your inventory, each circle have different number you can check by slide it into stick above green button, now you must put circle which have sum 100. see value in the preview above.

level 41 : tap circle on the door left : 4, top : 6, right : 7, bottom 10, tap finger scanner when box 4 move to 7 slide hexagon to box 7, then box 9, box and the last slide to empty square.

level 42 : shake phone to make stone fall, use green stone at the top left circle, remember the number 31897, pick up white stone put at the top left circle, now tap the lock pad button put green stone to light source then tap the number 31897.

level 43 : tap the object start from 1 to 7.

level 44 : tap the top left panel then count the lines, do the same with other panel. we have 17, 14, 11. see the white arrow start from middle, top, bottom, middle so the number is : 17 14 11 17, use this number to open door.

level 45 : tap each pillar same with the number attached 17, 13, 29, 9, 54, 32.

New cheats for 100 doors aliens space walkthrough will be available soon after new level added, we guess it’s available on next Friday, Bookmark phonesapps.org to visit this website later.

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