100 Doors Aliens Space Walkthrough Level 21 to 35

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New update 100 doors aliens space level 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35, this new level added today and we just solve it all new level using our galaxy tab 2. With this walkthrough you can easily solve this game from level 1 to 35. Ok lets start using our guide and win this puzzle game.

level 21 : tap hand scanner until you can see 1 green line then release, 9 line release,4 line, 5 line, 9 line, 7 line then pick up a key.

level 22 : quickly tap tap box above scale several times to make robot gone, tap until all white dot at scale on then pick up a key.

level 23 : tap circle above green arrow when button color change to red, blue, white, green and yellow but the position must same with above.

level 24 : see left square button there's 4 button 1 to 4 ( top to bottom) now tap button 1,3,4 then tap R2 robot, tap R2 robot then tap button 2,3 and tap R2 robot, tap R2 robot then tap button 1,4 and tap R2 robot. doors open pick a key and continue.

level 25 : tap diamond start from 1 to 18, medium speed se number at previews above.

level 26 : remember ball when move left or right then tap arrow same with ball move ( left and right), pick up key and continue.

level 27 : remember square list before scrambled then tap from 1st to 6th after scrambled.

level 28 : pick up crowbar on left wall beside door, then open chemical tanks / barrel using crowbar and shake your phone until barrel fall / crumple.

level 29 : big octagon in a line left 1 and right 10 now remember only exist octagon : 1 2 3 6 8 9 and small pentagon 10 7 5 4, pick up key and continue.

level 30 : tap your inventory then put all key above yellow button ( molding ) and tap yellow button now you got 1 big key, use to open door (slide).

level 31 : see number above door "gate 8135" use this to open door.

level 32 : pick up photo then put at cutter above red button and tap button four times, then put photo above yellow button and see number 5137, use to open door.

level 33 : you must move robot to x using arrow, so tap: right 4 times,up 8 times,left 4 times, down 1 times, right 3 times, up 10 times,left 3 times,up 6 times, right 9 times.

level 34 : pick up pliers at right floor, then open panel above door and cut all wire, now turn on light same with preview above.

level 35 : tap bottom right fan x1 and top left fan x2.


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