100 Doors : Aliens Space Walkthrough level 1 to 20

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100 doors aliens space a new puzzles game created by gipnetix sometimes to complete this game we need a walkthrough to help find the way, but gamers can solve all level in this game without using a cheats or guide, they can easily find the puzzles solutions and continue to higher level. Below is our walkthrough from level 1 to level 20 hope you will enjoy it.

level 1 : tap door twice

level 2 : touch and hold cog wheel until door open

level 3 : tap blue circle beside door then tap number 1 3 5 4

level 4 : pick up button on floor, put at circle on the wall then touch until door open.

level 5 : shake your phone then pick up purple key and use it to open door.

level 6 : slide green oil tank to left then tap blue button and tap number 1 3 5 10.

level 7 : tap plug at bottom right wait until box up, then tap plug again, pick up key and use to open door.

level 8 : tilt phone until ball touch button : left, right, right, left, left.

level 9 : tap green button when red light stop at top left.

level 10: tap your inventory box, then arrange the puzzle.

level 11: tap plug then move grey box to the middle, then move wood box to the middle then tap plug, pick up key and use to open door.

level 12: tap middle left panel pick up battery and put into R2 robot, tap robot twice until you can see the number 1 10 5 5 5, use this number at blue circle pad (top right).

level 13: tap top left pentagon once wait until bottom right pentagon open, tap again top left pentagon, pick up key and use it to open door.

level 14: slide box to bottom left, then tap red button (box up), now tilt your phone to make ball under the box, then tap red button, pick up the pentagon and put at the door.

level 15: tap bottom right plug tap again to unplug, tap middle right plug, tap top plug then tap middle left plug, tap top plug ( box fall and hit button).

level 16: set the shape similar with line formed by square object when you tap button nearby ( see preview above ).

level 17: tap left camera above door, now tap purple circle similar with pattern at robot tap from bottom to top. Now tap right camera and tap circle from top to bottom see pattern at robot.

level 18: pick up battery at bottom left then tap the hand scanner now put battery at bottom right panel, close it and tap hand scanner.

level 19: slide hose right then tap gold button, shake your phone until tube cover fall pick up and put above button.

level 20: tap your inventory box then arrange puzzle in the triangle then tap symbol in the triangle according to clue above the door.

Walkthrough 100 doors aliens space level 1 to 20 completed, we guess that this game will be very famous in next few weeks, if you can complete this game now then someday you can help other player complete every level in aliens space game. Please rate and leave comments after you can complete level 1 to 20 and wait for the next update.