100 Doors Aliens Space Level 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55

We have a little problem with our tab so we can’t post this guide earlier, but now all problems already done and we want to share our result after completing 50 level in the 100 doors aliens space game, we hope this walkthrough can help you understand the game, we know several people stop playing this game because too difficult and they can’t understand what to do, this game just for expert? we hope all android user can solve all puzzle in this game.

level 46. number and arrow is the clue start from 4 down arrow its mean : down 4 tiles then see the guide lines on the floor that's line guide you to tap the symbol one by one.

level 47. tap the button to move ufo and remember the number each ufo stop: X0 = 9, Z1 = 14, Y2 = 29, E3 = 18. the code (x0+E3)*(Y2-Z1) = (9+18)*(29-14) = 27*5 = 405 insert this number to open the door.

level 48. see the number above door its a time, now you must set the round clock same with time
      13:20:40 = red right, green right, blue middle, yellow left
      17:50:05 = red middle, green left, blue right, yellow right
      23:30:20 = red middle, green middle, blue left, yellow right
      21:10:55 = red middle, green left, blue left, yellow middle

level 49. set the circle position same with the number on the door, the top left 90 degree, top right 80 degree. continue with the rest ( clue on the picture above)

level 50. tap the button follow the guide line on the door ( circle is the starting point ).

level 51. tap each square beside the door to find symbol that not exist on the list.

level 52. to make rocket launch faster tilt your android upside down before touch start button.

level 53. pick up hammer beside the door then use it to hit crack on the disk, now insert the number to open door (3-5-8-9-13) start from smallest.

level 54. A shot B, B shot C, D shot E, E shot D, F shot A.

level 55. tap circle and count how many times until it's back to the beginning then use the result to divide 360. the result is 18 15 72 120 48 60, use this number to open the door.

Another 100 doors aliens space walkthrough available in this website, see the list below this post. please share this game and rate to help developer growing up.

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